The Top 5 Tourist Spots in Iran

Iran is filled with striking architecture, natural beauty, and historical monuments. It can be difficult to choose an Iran tourism package that includes everywhere you want to go.These are the five places you should visit while visiting Iran.

Iran Tourist Spots

1. Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Isfahan

Naqsh-e Jahan Square is an incredible expanse of land situated in the center of Isfahan. Built in the early seventeenth century and a UNESCO world heritage site, it has become a landmark of the country. It is surrounded by 4 of the most famous buildings in Isfahan. Imam Khomeini Mosque is one those buildings.

Naqsh-e Jahan Square, IsfahanThis mosque is known for its beauty and incredible architecture. This colorful building is renowned for its intricate blue tiles and high portal entrances. Another one of the buildings surrounding the square is the Esfahan Bazaar. This is one of the largest and oldest markets in the world, once again not disappointing with the architecture, this site is bustling and breathtaking. This square cannot be missed when making a list of where to travel and tour in Iran.

2. Golestan Palace, Tehran

Located in the capital city of Iran, this is a must see when traveling in Iran. Built in the mid sixteenth century and home to royal families of the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries, this building has an incredible sense of history. If the amazing architecture and the historical value of the palace don’t make you want to visit, the garden itself will.

Golestan Palace, TehranThe Golestan Palace is set in a charming garden with a fountain that is worth seeing alone. The detailed painted, mosaic tiles on the historic building along with the elegant garden make this an essential location to visit while in Iran.

3. Tomb of Hafez, Shiraz

Home to the tomb of one of the greatest Persian poets, Hafez, this site is another place you must visit while in Iran. Hafez’s burial site has become an incredibly symbolic part of Iranian culture. This site is incredible for those who have a love of the poet or not. Surrounded by another amazing garden you feel will extremely relaxed and transported to another place while visiting here.

Tomb of Hafez, ShirazThis site is shared by tourists and locals, so unlike some more touristy sites, this garden will give the visitor a real feel of the country they are in.

4. Persepolis, Shiraz

Constructed in 518 BCE this ancient site is jaw dropping and will transport you to another time. The Persepolitan stairway is an amazingly carved monument on the location that is so intricate and beautiful it perfectly exemplifies what the rest of the area feels like.

Persepolis, ShirazThere is a magnificence in the architecture that will have a lingering effect on you. This site is an incredible piece of history that is most definitely worth seeing while in Iran especially if you love archeology and history.

5. Badab-e Surt Springs, Mazandaran Province

This location is unique from the others. This area is a natural highlight of the country and incredibly breathtaking.

Badab-e Surt Springs, Mazandaran ProvinceSurrounded by green mountains, this is a fantastic place for nature lovers. There are no words to describe the amount of beauty this location holds and it is somewhere you just have to see for yourself. While it is remote, it is also worth the trek; you won’t regret coming out to the Badab-e Surt springs when visiting Iran.